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Swordfish Documentation: Registry Feature



Make a remote lookup from the Swordfish Registry interceptor to a remote registry. The interceptor issues a HTTP request specifying the port type the provider must implement. The response of the registry is the list of all provider endpoints implementing the service. The concrete send in the resposne has still to be decided, e.g. WS-Adressing header, WSDL.

Current Problem / Pain

At the moment a swordfish participant can only get the information about endpoints from the local file system. A central administartion of these endpoints is not possible.

Advantages/Business Case

Makes administartion of endpoints easier and more flexible.

Conditions of satisfaction

  • Sucessful Lookup can be executed (can be against file system or existing registry)
  • Basic negative scenario is covered: No matching provider found
  • Initial Documentation:
    • Message definitions for Request, Response and Fault for the lookup
    • Initial Java Doc for the method LookUp of the REST API (known limitiation: Is still subject to change)
    • Memory Domain Model


- The registry backend might be in the simplest case the file system. - The registry will only be able to handle SDX & SPDX, no general WSDL files


No dependencies

Non functional aspects

Volume / Load aspects

For the current sprint it is assumed that a maximum of 20 - 25 services are registerd in the registry.

Security aspects

There is no authentication necessary to do the lookup nor is HTTPS supported.

Architecture Outline/ Implementation Ideas

Section is recommended.

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