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Swordfish Documentation: Policy Resolver

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The policy matching service resolver component enables a policy based service lookup.

Current Problem / Pain

The initial service Lookup only provides the function of a lookup based on Service Data contained in the WSDL.

Advantages/Business Case

A policy based service lookup enables service provisioning based on quality of service criteria.

Use Cases

• The policy matching component shall trade policies between service consumers and service providers. It shall return an agreed policy containing the defined set of policy assertions in case the policies match. In case policies do not match it shall return an exception with an error message containing the assertion(s) for witch no matching assertion was found on provider side. • The agreed policy shall be included into the message header for validation purposes. • The service Resolution shall be based on a combination of matching WSDL information together with matching policies.

Conditions of satisfaction

  • Demonstrate a Service Lookup, where out of 2 Services matching based on WSDL only one Service is matching based on the policy. Show the agreed policy.
  • Demonstrate a failed Service Lookup because on non matching policies. Show the corresponding Error message.
  • Demonstrate a Service Lookup which fails although policies would match but the service criteria in the WSDL do not match.
  • Integration Tests shall cover all possible parameter values of the policies.
  • Documentation on the matching process and available policy assertions shall be provided in the Swordfish Documentation Wiki.


  • First version does not require policy validation on receiver side.
  • A limited number of assertions will only be supported in the initial version.
  • Policy matching and service lookup may be restricted to Service Level in the first version but shall be designed extensible to enable operation level matching later.

Non Functional aspects


Security aspects

It shall be possible to add an agreed policy validation in a future version.

Ease of Use

The policies resolver shall be able to process policies in the format provided through the Policy editor. It shall be possible to integrate the policy resolver into the Police Editor at a later point in time.

Architecture Outline/ Implementation Ideas

How much reuse of the Policy Resolver in Policy Editor of the Eclipse STP would be possible?

Open Questions

Which assertions do we want to support in the first version?

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