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Swordfish Documentation: Installing BPEL Editor in Ganymede

  • download and install "Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers" eclipse-rcp-ganymede-SR2 from 02/09
  • via "Help/Software Updates/Ganymede Update Site" download and install
    • Web and Java EE Development/Java EE Developer Tools
    • Web and Java EE Development/Web Developer Tools
  • switch to the CVS perspective by clicking "Window/Open Perspective/Other/CVS Repository Exploring"
  • right-click in the CVS Repositories View to add a new Repository Location.
  • fill the dialog with the following values and click Finish
    • Host:
    • Repository path: /cvsroot/technology
    • User and Password: anonymous
    • Connection type: pserver
  • expand org.eclipse.bpel/plugins under HEAD
  • check out the following plugins:
    • org.eclipse.bpel.apache.ode.deploy.model
    • org.eclipse.bpel.apache.ode.deploy.ui
    • org.eclipse.bpel.apache.ode.runtime
    • org.eclipse.bpel.common.model
    • org.eclipse.bpel.common.ui
    • org.eclipse.bpel.model
    • org.eclipse.bpel.runtimes
    • org.eclipse.bpel.ui
    • org.eclipse.bpel.validator
    • org.eclipse.bpel.wsil.model
    • org.eclipse.bpel.xpath10
  • export all these projects as "Deployable plug-ins and fragments into an empty directory
  • copy the exported plugin-jars into your eclipse/plugins folder
  • restart eclipse
  • checkout the BPEL sample projects under "org.eclipse.bpel/examples"
  • test the BPEL editor by opening a BPEL file from the examples

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