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Swordfish Documentation: Galileo Sprint5


Sprint duration: 04.May 09 to 19. May 09
Sprint Demo and retrospective: 20. May 09

Ranked User Stories

Here the Ranked user Stories for this sprint:

  1. Get current results included into Galileo and make it available as Swordfish Milestone on update site.
  2. JAX_WS services: Code generation WSDL first: S095
  3. Exemplary Policy processing: S059
  4. Service Browser for BPEL Editor: B040
  5. BPEL getting started: B036
  6. Browse service Registry: A025
  7. Download from Service Registry: A015

Sprint Goals


Goal: Runtime:

Demo scope (2009-05-20):

  • Integrate Swordfish and Tools Update Sites into Galileo
    • Run vanilla Eclipse M7, use Update installer to install Swordfish Tooling feature from Galileo Update Site
    • Create target platform definition and provision Swordfish runtime bundles from Galileo Update Site
  • Make PDE build use the new 3rd party projects (Carry forward)
  • Run integration tests with PDE build
    • Checkout (and whatever else is required)
    • Start 3rd party bundle build
    • Start Swordfish build
    • Show output of integration tests
  • Change ODE version to 2.0 Smila (Carry forward)
    • show execution of simple process in ODE
  • Exemplary policy processing
    • show documentation of sample policy assertion
    • Explain implementation
    • Demonstrate interceptor in simple test scenario


Goal: Tooling: WDSL-first driven development.

  • Generate JAX-WS Service Provider from WSDL

- Eclipse help
- New Project wizard
- Import wizard
- Cheatsheet

- System tests are passed
- WSDL File is available in the Eclipse Workspase or in the Filesystem
- new JAX-WS Service Provider created

  • Running BPEL Editor

- Swordfish Wiki documentation (how to get it running with Swordfish tooling)
- Installing BPEL Editor from the Update site
- run BPEL Editor

Expectation (may be will be corrected after first results with BI):
- no QA here.
- BPEL Editor is available for download from update site.
- BPEL Editor installed into Eclipse.

  • Registry tooling (SR) integration

- Eclipse help
- import WSDL File into Service Registry (SR is running)
- import WSDL File into Service Registry (SR is not running, or SR URL incorrect)

- System tests are passed
- WSDL File is imported into SR
- If SR is not running (or SR URL incorrect) then import ended up with failure

  • Code coverage reporting

- build's artifact: code coverage report for tooling build
- build's artifact: code coverage report for systemtest build
- build's artifact: merged code coverage reports: tooling build and systemtest

- we have code coverage report after each build

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