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Swordfish Documentation: Galileo Sprint3


Sprint Goals

GOAL: Paying off technical depts, ensure quality and acceptance criterias

Duration: 19.03.2009 – 02.04.2009

Team 1

1 Make the Swordfish run from Eclipse This is the priority no. 1 for the Toolsuite team!

2 Source repository accessible for developers (idea: run integration builds on public repo that is writable for all of us first so anyone can fix problems) #269440

3 Replace Swordfish dependency for Equinox version from Ganymede to Galileo #269441

4 Add central sentinel test to check if platform can be started correctly #269443

5 Remove references to org.apache.servicemix from org.eclipse.swordfish.core.configuration (we only need a StaX implementation here... e.g. wstx) #269444

6 Split org.eclipse.swordfish.core.util in two modules #269445

  • org.eclipse.swordfish.core.util
  • org.eclipse.swordfish.servicemix.util

Refactor modules to only rely on org.eclipse.swordfish.core.util, because actually they do not need servicemix.

7 Remove references to servicemix from public api (org.eclipse.swordfish.api.context.SwordfishContext.getEndpointRegistry()) #269447

8 Add tests to check for duplicate registrations of endpoints #269448

9 Modules org.eclipse.swordfish.core.*, org.eclipse.swordfish.plugins, org.eclipse.swordfish.registry should implement interfaces specified by separate API modules. #266482

10 Revise bundle dependencies: #269449

  • Platform = Equinox plus required 3rd party components
  • Swordfish = Platform + Swordfish bundles
  • Samples = Swordfish + Samples bundles
  • Integrationtest(s) = Swordfish + Test bundles

11 Set up new build system based on headless PDE build #269450

12 Spring definitions should follow the recommendations of Spring DM (separate pure Spring definitions from Spring OSGi definitions). #269451

13 Make the CXF integration looks like CXF standalone #269452:
Ability to show services, generate WSDLs on them. Basic idea is that when services are deployed in the runtime one can have a look on WSDLs on them and directly test them with SOAP-UI or WSExplorer, IMHO Itís a useful feature and already provided by CXF, however in our CXF integration itís not enables. For more info and estimations Volodimir promised to put his though on it on wiki last estimate today (18.03) afternoon, he may also comment on this issue.

Tooling Team

1 Cleanup left-over tasks from previous sprint

  • QA
  • Documentation (?)
  • Switch from SMX4 to Swordfish

2 PDE Build for tooling features/plugins

3 CruiseControl integration

4 Automated end2end testing concept/POC

5 Service Registry Tooling (?)

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