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Swordfish Documentation: Debugging Third Party Plugins

Debugging third-party plug-ins

This section contains instructions on how to inspect the source code of third-party plug-ins (delivered together with the Swordfish run-time platform) during the debug session.

To inspect the source code of the third-party plug-in

  1. Check out the appropriate plug-in project from the Swordfish Repository into your workspace.
  2. Check if the project contains source-bundle sub-directory with plug-in sources. If this directory is present you can browse the plug-in source code or debug third-party plug-ins. If the source code directory is missing, add it by following the instructions in the next section.

To add source-bundle to third-party plug-in project

See instructions in the source codes for third-party plug-ins. These are organized in form of source-bundles according to the rules defined by Eclipse Orbit project.

To create a source bundle:

  1. Get the source code for the third-party plug-in (plug-in version information can be found in the plug-in's manifest file) and add it to the project as described on the Eclipse Orbit wiki.
  2. Attach the source code to the plug-in's binaries as shown in this picture:
    Source bundle attachment.png

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