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Swordfish Documentation: Build Eclipse Feature


The disccussion on this feature is available on the Talk Page


All Swordfish bundles/plugins shall be included into 'Eclipse Features'.

Current Problem / Pain

Currently the Build artefacts created during the Swordfish Build only create bundles/plugins.

Advantages/Business Case

Having build artefeacts compliant to Eclipse Features is a prerequisite for making them available on the Eclipse Update Site. The Interface definition can be found [ here]

Use Cases

The Eclipse Feature can be provided through Eclipse Update site.

Conditions of satisfaction

The Features for Eclipse Swordfish for the Galileo Release are defined, it is decided which plugins belong to witch features.

The Eclipse Features is ready to be included/ be provided for the Eclipse Update Site for Galileo.

  • Feature is complete: Start/Run/Control/Documentation This feature itself is a prerequisite to acheive completeness for other features.
  • Run a successful Feature Build for the defined Swordfish Features
  • Show the Feature.xml, it shall contain all required information
    • Feature with ID, Label, Version, Provider-Name
    • Copyright
    • Description
    • License (including 3rd Parties)
    • Update Site URL
    • List of Plugins, for each Pluging: ID, download Size, install size (optional), version, unpack

List of Information not yet included (restricted to external dependencies)


In case information not defined within the Bundles/Plugins can not be obtained from Eclipse yet for Galileo, this may be added later.


Section is mandatory for step "Decision/Prioritization".
Are there any dependencies to other components, documentation, QA?

Non functional aspects

Section is mandatory for step "First Estimation".

Volume / Load aspects


Security aspects

General for the Build and Installation: No No unencrypted passwords shall occur in installation directories.

Ease of Use

The Feature is at least as easy to handle as any other Eclipse Feature. The possibility to link to the deployment should be considered and clarified at the beginning of implementation.

Architecture Outline/ Implementation Ideas

Use the Maven Plugin to create Eclipse Features.

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