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Swordfish Documentation: BPEL with JAX-WS Service

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Provide a Swordfish -ODE Integration based on the JAX-WS interface. Apache ODE Integration Implementation Proposal

Current Problem / Pain

As of now only the ODE Bundle Deployment into Swordfish was achieved.

Advantages/Business Case

JAX-WS Services can be Used within BPEL Processes.

Use Cases

Prerequisite for both scenarios: BPEL Process and JAX-WS Service Participant are deployed into separate Swordfish instances.

  • JAX-WS Service Consumer System running in Swordfish calls a BPEL process. The BPEL process implements the Service Provider.
  • The BPEL Process implements the Service Consumer which calls a JAX-WS Service Provider.

Conditions of satisfaction

Proposal: Use the Swordfish Flight Booking Example in the Demo

Based on the feature completeness definition (Start/Run/Control) all demo steps shall be executed within the Eclipse IDE.

  • Demonstrate Deployment
  • Demonstrate a BPEL process where the JAX-WS Service Consumer System running in Swordfish initiates a BPEL step.
  • Demonstrate a BPEL process where JAX-WS Service Provider running in Swordfish is invoked from a BPEL step.
  • Integration Tests: Results for both scenarios are ok.
  • The BPEL Example is Documented in Wiki


The Documentation may be restricted to Wiki in case we have limited access to the documentation team.


ODE Deployment into Swordfish was successful.

Non functional aspects

Volume / Load aspects

Security aspects

Authentication should be supported, which requires the ability to propagate policies.

Ease of Use

BPEL Runtime shall be integrated with BPEL Tools.

Architecture Outline/ Implementation Ideas

Open Questions

  • Would tests results be valid, if we run the integration test of BPEL and JAX-WS participant within the Same Swordfish Instance? Which restrictions would this test scenario cause?

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