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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Modeling/Best Practices

Use Copy/Paste External Model Information External Model Information

If there are any activities in your process model with similar attributes or data and applications attached to them, there is no need to start from scratch every time. Simply copy (Right-Click -> Copy Element) the activity and paste it into a different process definition or into a different location in the original one.

Because an activity is only unique within the scope of the its process definition, a completely new activity will be created with a copy of the original's configuration. And because applications and data elements are global, the new activity is fully functional. To make this visually clear, you can drag-and-drop the data elements and the application from the Outline View into the process definition diagram. Then choose "Reload Connections" on each element if you want to make their associations with the activity visible again.

Leave descriptions on ALL your model elements.

Leave at least one sentence or word in each description field of model elements like process definitions, activities, data, applications, and the organizational structure. More is good!

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