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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Customization/Portal/IDescriptorFilterExample


Reordering of Process Descriptors in task list.


Download Example Here

The CustomDescriptorFilter class uses a simple text file to determine which process descriptors to show in which order in the task list. Activities belonging to processes that don't possess these descriptors will be display an empty entry in the descriptor column.

Specifying a descriptor filter is useful to enforce a uniform display of descriptor columns, because the default behavior of the process portal is to display only those descriptors as columns which are shared by the process instances in the tasklist.
To use the custom filter enable setting

a) Set property Carnot.ProcessPortal.DescriptorFilter = com.sungard.infinity.processportal.internal.CustomDescriptorFilter in

b) Place descriptors.txt in the same Java Package as the source class.

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