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Who is doing what by when?

Wednesday January 23, 2008

  • Maria
    • create build env for EFS module - done

Friday January 25, 2008

  • Henrik
    • make model more "UI friendly" (partly done, ongoing)
    • add a spaces view - done
    • make it possible to add spaces to the catalog using the UI (primarily for testing) - done
    • modify API so that it is possible to refer to ISpace instances even if the actual backing "store" is not available. - done
      • Somehow provide a way to return URL/URIs that points to "unresolved" locations - done (issues moved elsewhere)
      • Add calls to Spaces to get "existing" spaces as opposed to getting valid ISpace instances - done
    • model/"framework" code for wizards
    • Make it possible to get/persist Publishing Operation properties (to save reentry on next publish) ?
  • Thomas
    • OSGi repo features - build out support for Use Cases described by Bjorn
  • Joe
    • determine if current publish will handle anonymous HTTP access via json publish call to folders. - Current production environment allows publishing of a folder, which makes files available at public.xdrive.com.
  • Bjorn
    • Port the user interface menu items from the previous version of the code to the new version of the code

Friday February 1, 2008

  • Maria
    • v1 of EFS module for XDSP(Xdrive Data Services Platform) via JSON
      • finished and checked in
    • v1 of AOLSpacesProvider that uses the XDSP-EFS
      • finished and checked in
  • Joe
    • Get publish working on eclipse.xdrive.com
      • publish already live in main plus.xdrive.com system
  • Lucas
    • Deployment plan to public internet
      • Server side deployment for publish API not required for plus.xdrive.com. eclipse.xdrive.com will be reserved for future pre-production code.