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WIP - suggested milestones

Spaces Milestones

This page describes spaces milestones and tasks

Proof Of Concept

We decided to make the simplest possible implementation to allow publishing of an artifact built in Eclipse into a an AOL X-Drive backed space.

Spaces 0.1

At this milestone the basic architecture is implemented and tested with simplest possible implementations. With this milestone completed it should be possible to start adding space providers.

We should create:

  • the core set of interfaces
  • plugins with suitable extension points
  • a reference/generic implementation of a space provider using EFS against something simple like local file system, and CVS or SVN
  • simplest possible space view
  • simplest possible publishing wizard (one type of Eclipse artifact)
  • simplest possible collaboration (show links)

Spaces 0.2

  • Improved generic space provider to use available EFS implementations
  • Mylyn integration for "issue/*" type collaborations
  • Publishing of additional artifacts (all Eclipse types)
  • Plug in the AOL X-Drive via EFS

Spaces 0.3