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Servus Status

This page lists:

  • Features - a list of features we plan to implement and the current status of the implementation.
  • Conceptual Limitations - conceptual limitations of the current implementation.


WSDLv1 to Servus

  • basic implementation is working, with the following limitations:
    • only the full representation can be generated
    • there are no semantic checks (can transform incorrect WSDLs)
    • it is not tested on a large WSDL code base
    • it's form is not stable yet (we're refining the annotations)

Servus to WSDLv1

  • in development

Servus to JAX-WS

  • in development

Servus to Ecore

  • development has not started.

CXF Databinding

  • development has not started.

Conceptual Limitations

Current limitations of the transformations and models.

WSDLv1 to Servus

  • if there are 2 <definitions> with the same targetNamespace, they are merged in Servus. The name of an arbitrary <definitions> is used.

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