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  • Present
    • Eric Cloninger
    • Pablo Leite
    • Daniel Franco
    • Daniel Pastore
    • Ruth Soliani
    • Jon Dearden
    • David Dubrow
  • Not present
    • Doug Schaefer
    • Christian Kurzke
    • Paul Buesterien


  • Discussion of a convenient time for this call. Decision is to keep time at 1700 UTC, every other Monday.
    • [ERIC] Send out reminders of where everything is to the sequoyah-dev list
  • Helios Train Status
    • IP Logs are posted for Sequoyah 0.5, which will be the interim until the release and graduation review.
    • Will start on Graduation+release review by 4/19
    • David Dubrow to track Bugzilla bug 307883 as part of his SDK discovery work
    • Waiting on Babel team to get information on how to configure Pulsar vs. Sequoyah
  • P2 discovery
    • Will work on a single bug inside a single branch
    • [Pastore-10.04.05: Done] Create bug, branch, and notify the dev list (
    • David will take Metadata generator, replacing the UI, and test on Windows
    • Daniel Franco will work on Uninstall dialog
    • Eldorado will test Mac and Linux
    • Documentation is still unassigned, but will arise from the testing process
    • [DUBROW] Send URL for docs on discovery to
    • Milestone for 19 April for code to be finished and testing can commence
  • Pulsar Strawman
    • Eric proposed a series of dates for discussion. David explained how the P2 discovery works, which means the strawman isn't aligned. Eric will work on a revision and make an announcement to all interested parties.
  • Project Plan
    • Eric and Daniel received a reminder about this document
    • [Pastore-10.04.05: Done!] Document is stored on the web server, but there seems to be a linking issue. Pastore is working with Matt at EF to get it working right.

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