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  • Eric Cloninger
  • Ruth Soliani
  • Doug Schaefer
  • Daniel Pastore
  • Daniel Franco
  • Mauren Brenner
  • Guilherme Frenhani
  • Christian Kurzke


  • Doug Schaefer talked about mobile CDT - Doug will write up project plan
    • Need to look at Dougs screencast on his blog to see what he does to support NDK
    • NDK projects need to be in the NDK itself
    • Can't read NDK makefiles
    • Could break as toolchains or locations change
    • No idea on native debugging
  • People on Sequoyah
    • List of people on TmL would transition
    • List of Pulsar people to make committers on Sequoyah

Action Items

  • [ERIC] Need to change internal MOT calendar invite to use new passcode
  • [DOUG] Work on project plan items for Android NDK
  • [ERIC] Propose Jon Dearden to Sequoyah to allow him access to Pulsar

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