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  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Fabio Fantato (Eldorado)
  • Mauren Brenner (Eldorado)
  • Ruth Soliani (Eldorado)
  • Yufen Kuo (Montavista)


  • M5 milestone
    • TML completed all M5 activates
    • There is a build download page and update site operating
    • Have updated TML website with links
    • Some delay in the expired certificate for Eclipse platform but it has no effect on TML
  • M6 milestone
    • Reviewed the M6 milestone requirements. All are currently met, other than the Babel requirement, which we will meet soon.
  • Galileo train
    • MV having some refresh problems in TML 0.2. Yufen to open a bug and attach screenshots.
    • Eric to investigate availability of TWs from Motorola to work on developer and user documentation. Fabio to send Eric a list of topics needing coverage.
    • Martin Oberhuber informs us there is a update of Apache Commons, but we will use older version until 0.3 ships
  • EclipseCon
    • Eric to get feedback on slides by EOW
    • Feb 17 is deadline for slides. Eric will not have his final slides by then.
    • Tentative plan to arrive in Sunnyvale the Wednesday prior to the show.
    • Eric and Mauren to do a practice of the slides next Tuesday
  • ECF activities
    • Need to verify the bugs in bugzilla to see what the scope of this activity involves

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on March 3, 2009