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Sequoyah/Branches tags

Code development branches, with bug improvements, refactor and debug branches.

  • 3.6 R - code used in Helios release train
  • device_improvements - branch used to develop the new device features
  • localizable_resources - branch used to develop the new LFE
  • signing_framework - branch for the signing framework component
  • deprecated_stuff - branch for old code, like example features
  • releng - branch for release engineer scripts
  • GSoC_2011 - branch for development of GSoC 2011 proposal

    Code labels, for specific development milestones.
  • 0 - contains the initial version of the repository, migrated from TmL CVS
  • 0.5.0_branded - contains the code after branding done
  • pulsar_0 - contains the initial version of the migrated code from MTJ
  • 1.1_r5 - contains the code after work for compatibility with NDK_r5
  • Before_cleaning - contains deprecated code (example and unused features)
  • Indigo_M7 - contais code used for Indigo M7 milestone build
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