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September 2015 Status Meetings


Dasha - Researching writing SWTBot tests for the moose clone handlers.
Robert - Working on reactor components architecture design
Taylor - Working on publishing sonar qube results to ICE web.
Andrew - Working on proteus report.


Jordan Deyton's Last Day

Jay - Updating SWG on python integration progress. Meeting with Robert on reactor analyzer redesigns. Refactoring XMLPP.
Alex - Working on ICEUpdater Output subclass python test harness. Issuing pull requests to MOOSE.
Dasha - Working on SWTBot tests for clone handler.
Robert - Working on ReactorAnalyzer redesign.
Taylor - Working on publishing of ICE sonarqube results to public web.
Pratul - Working on getting ICE built, working with Tau.


Robert - Making demo for the reactor redesign in JavaFX.
Hari - Continuing work on adding messaging, color map, and screenshot/movie creation functionality to the VisIt client.


Alex - Working on feature improvements and bug fixes for MOOSE plugins.
Dasha - Working on moose utilities and bug fixes.
Taylor - Working on Nek5000 Model Builder input file loading bug.
Robert - Working on a demo for the ReactorAnalyzer design with JavaFX. Working on misc bug fixes.
Andrew - Working on BatML UI updates.


Jay - Working on nightly build bug, various meetings.
Alex - Working on MOOSE plugin improvements.
Robert - Working on a wide array of bug fixes.
Dasha - Working on Moose bug related to forking moose.
Taylor - Working on Nek5000 Model Builder input file loading bug.
Hari - Updating the visit client with new widgets, working on demo for those widgets.


Jay - Preparing slides for Monday and Thursday, working on Project Support.
Robert - Fixing various bugs, reviewing ReactorAnalyzer design with Jay, writing tests for the VizService stuff.
Dasha - Continuing to update the Reflectivity Model tutorial. Fixing build page edits. Working on tests.
Taylor - Working on HCI study planning.
Hari - Updating the VisIt client and fixing some API stuff.
Ray - Moving forward on the Viz perspective refactor.


Jay - Working on slides for Thursday. Adding fix for Nek5000 bug.
Taylor - Working on launching Nek5000 launch script. Looking into SWTBot.
Robert - Working on tests for the viz service bundle. Working on CSV Plot independent series bug.
Andrew - Updating the installer script, looking into MOOSE bugs.


Jay - Working on slides for Thursday.
Dasha - Writing tests for MOOSE utilities.
Taylor - Testing out the NekModelBuilder fix. Looking at Launcher bug.
Robert - Updating the CVS plot editor. Adding more Vis Service tests.
Hari - Continuing to update the VisIt Java Client to add movie and window capture support.


Alex - Working improvements to the MOOSE plugins, setting up PR for MOOSE Github.
Robert - Working on graphical bugs and starting on new set of SWTBot tests.
Taylor - Working on SWTBot tests for various ICE Items.
Dasha - Finishing up summer appointment, backing up files.
Pratul - Working on getting Tau to work with GPUs.
Hari - Making sure all VisIt changes are in before next week's release. Working on upgrades to Visit Java Client.


Alex - Filed pull request to MOOSE for ICEUpdater. Implementing pre-launch input tree verification.
Robert - Working on Materials Database SWTBot test.
Taylor - Working on NEKModelBuilder SWTBot test.
Andrew - Working on the python installer for ICE.


Alex - Working on total moose input tree verification tool.
Taylor - Working on HCI usability study materials. Checking ICE updates with tutorials.
Robert - Working on SWTBot test for Materials Database.
Andrew - Finishing up the python ICE installer script.


Jay - Working with Open Academy students. Working on project support.
Alex - Working on various MOOSE improvements, and real-time updating bug
Robert - Working on MOOSE SWTBot test and real-time updating bug.
Taylor - Working on HCI usability study materials.


Alex - Working on Job Launch refactor that utilizes remote upload/download file actions. Cleaning up how files are created in project space.
Robert - Working on the MOOSE SWTBot tests, taking care of bugs encountered.
Taylor - Working on usability study planning and configuration. Communicating schedule with collaborators.
Hari - Enhancing the VisIt java client - new client color map widget, client-server observer pattern.


Jay - Working on project support after a great trip to Purdue for Facebook Open Academy.
Alex - Working on improvements to VisIt preferences page.
Robert - Working on UI bugs in Refectivity Model. Starting on SWTBot tests.
Taylor - Working on recruiting pilot participants at UT and system config and testing.


Taylor - Working on Morae setup and surveys. Getting back to SWTBot tests.
Robert - Working on the SWTBot tests for Reflectivity, MOOSE, Mat database, merging into next.
Andrew - Working on the ICE install script for Mac, and testing job launcher for vibe.


Alex - Working on new ICE developer tooling and extension points.
Robert - Working on tests for the Viz Service bundles. Picking up the Vibe SWTBot test.
Taylor - Finishing up Morae configuration. Heading to UT tomorrow to configure setup.
Hari - Working on new functionality for java client, visit release.

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