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Scout/Scout Nomination MVI

Matthias is working on the Scout SDK. He has been contributing several features to the Scout project before Scout became an Eclipse project and is providing several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 325428 NPE if no client's available
  • 355730 Renaming a variable doesn't update the scout explorer
  • 346590 NullPointerException while creating search form
  • 352333 Compile Errors at Input Validation after FormData Generation
  • 355611 SearchForm generation from a TablePage does not add the generic value type for listboxes
  • 355617 FormData generator crashes because of missing generic value type
  • 355619 Automatic creation of search forms includes non-displayable columns
  • 355620 Create Search Form menu lacks ellipsis
  • 356821 Icon Preview in Icons Editor does not work
  • 356892 SDK cannot add a newly created page to the outline
  • 356902 SmartField New Wizard should allow to select a LookupCall
  • 357042 Link with Editor does not find classes in sub projects
  • 357252 Scout Explorer Auto Expand

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki


Other Contributions

Currently working on:

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