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Scout/Scout Nomination MNC

Matthias has been working on Eclipse Scout for more than a half years now. Before he worked on other Eclipse projects like Sphinx or EATOP. In the past months he has provided a large amount of patches to Eclipse Scout.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 415476 SWING: SwingScoutClipboardService.setContents(..)-copied content cannot be pasted within scout application
  • 377471 Abstract Fields and Menus are getting tried to be instantiated
  • 423314 StringUtility#parseBoolean() is too lenient
  • 420476 Continuous repainting of CalendarControl leads to high CPU load
  • 420373 IOUtility.createTempFile erroneous
  • 367776 Swing: Missing Mnemonics on special characters
  • 420267 SWING mnemonics on menus not working properly
  • 422229 AbstractColumn: changes in execDecorateHeaderCell are not repainted immediately
  • 415736 Invalid thread access when terminating Scout SWT Application with Eclipse Luna M1
  • 421324 RAP, SWT keystroke on menus not shown
  • 371090 NullPointerException in SwingUtilities2Wrapper.drawStringUnderlineCharAt with Java 7
  • 425269 SWT/RAP more than 1 Radiobutton can be selected in RadioButtonGroup
  • 416368 ExtensibleSwingApplication should be extensible
  • 408807 Label / htmlfield: label & value are not aligned correctly
  • 425843 RAP, SWT: Changing a Checkbox by clicking on the label changes the UI but not the value in the model

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

  • 1229445 Usage statistics
  • 1220214 Controlling position of (vertical) scrollbar in the outline
  • 1231917 Looking for book for Scout
  • 1208865 SWT Client startup Error
  • 1193838 Switch Tabs programatically
  • 1188156 Tab key in RAP
  • 1154653 Set the size of a SWT Application
  • 1143779 Keyboard controlling a scout application
  • 1097158 Newbie : Creating an ordinary java class within Scout
  • 1087132 Scout bundles

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