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Scout/Scout Nomination KLE

Ken has been working on projects that use Scout as an underlying framework for more than 3 years. Therefore, he knows the codebase very well. Additionally, he provided several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 352955 AbstractPlannerField: inconsistent handling of boundary conditions
  • 372222 [SWING] LayoutManager do not take care of screen bounds when recalculating size of a form
  • 372860 Ask if save needed dialog shown twice after ESC
  • 378490 RAP: Column filter takes wrong column if columns are reorganized
  • 380155 RAP/SWT: Layout issue on RadioButtonGroup
  • 381371 RAP: MainMenuButton should call execPrepareAction on all menus
  • 381688 RT: Database Cursors are not closed when using Batch mode.
  • 382499 RAP: GroupBoxButtonBar does not inherit background color of GroupBox
  • 382737 RAP: DropDownButtons are clickable when SmartField/FileChooserField is disabled
  • 382738 RAP: Change mouse cursor when hovering over a DropDownButton of a SmartField
  • 383897 RAP: Key navigation inside a TabBox does not work
  • 383901 RAP: Strange behavior inside RadioButtonGroupBox when using key navigation
  • 384601 Swing/SWT: Testing RT ends in deadlock
  • 384752 [Swing/SWT/RAP]: Testing RT needs ClientSession caching
  • 384931 [SWT]: Testing RT GuiScriptJob should not return Status.Error
  • 384946 [SWT]: Testing RT should support dragging of window border on Windows 7
  • 385260 RAP: Disabled fields have a different visualization

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

  • Tutorial Create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Tutorial Install and use the modern Rayo Swing Look and Feel
  • Forum profile 9 messages posted (date 2012-08-16)

Other Contributions

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