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Scout/Scout Nomination JBR

Jérémie has been working on projects which use scout for more than 2 years. He is the most active member of the Eclipse Scout forum. Additionally he provided several patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • bug 356426: Use public column index constant in AbstractTableFieldData
  • bug 359488: Missing Perspective shortcuts for the Scout Perspective
  • bug 361985: ITable: more flexibility to discard deleted rows in tables
  • bug 365809: SWT: Nofication of unsaved changes in Scout Dialogs
  • bug 367790: Typo: Lookup Serivice in LookupCall Wizard
  • bug 367988: SqlFormatter: NPE with blank Strings
  • bug 369024: Correction LocalLookupCall and addition of a LocalLookupService
  • bug 371963: StatementProcessor.dump() produces *** UNPARSED *** for SQL PLAIN Log when statements contains '?'
  • bug 374646: SQL: BeanArrayHolder do not support FormData

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

Other Contributions

Scout Homepage

official scout page (Conversion of a designer proposal into PHP/HTML).

Scoutdoc tool

Conversion tool "Scout Tutorials" in the Wiki to "Eclipse Help" format based on Mylyn Docs.

GitHub Repository

In this context Jérémie contributed 8 approved patches to Mylyn Docs (9 other proposal pending in Gerrit).

Scout articles and blog posts in french


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