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Scout/Scout Nomination CGU

Claudio has been working on projects which use scout for more than 3 years and therefor knows the codebase very well. Additionally he provided several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 339576 Ranking of services is not considered on eclipse 3.4
  • 355033 SWT: Widget is disposed when using HtmlField
  • 351685 SWT: Reload of a page resets columns width
  • 351265 SWT: Numberkeystrokes support only Keypad
  • 346971 Not possible to add more than one bookmark to a folder without reopening the dialog
  • 354509 Not possible to store different form bounds for different instances
  • 352472 Possible Deadlock at IForm#waitFor
  • 352080 SWT: Multiline-Table looks a little bit poor
  • 349059 SWT: Resize of columns lead to busy cursor
  • 347655 Need to extend AbstractScoutEditorPart#closePart

Scout Newsgroup/Forum/Wiki

Other Contributions


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