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Scout/Scout Nomination BKO

Bruno has been working on projects that use Scout as an underlying framework for more than 3 years. Therefore, he knows the codebase very well. Additionally, he provided several high quality patches.

Patches to Bugzilla Tickets

  • 355802 SWT: Problem when AbstractDateField's DateChooserDialog overlaps a clickable Control
  • 372886 Swing: Maximize of undecorated frame does not work in some circumstances
  • 372889 Swing: Clicks in a tree does only work on displayed texts
  • 383073 [SWT] No tooltip on disabled FormField label with shortened text
  • 387256 FormFields: wrong master-slave relation using scout template fields
  • 393842 RAP: Make the client notification UICallBack dependent on client notification enabled state
  • 395576 RAP: Adding support accessing HTTP context properties in Scout model thread
  • 401539 JAX-WS: Missing content-type of HTTP response for HTTP GET requests
  • 401540 JAX-WS: HTTP location change (301) for HTTP GET requests with a missing trailing slash failes
  • 401541 JAX-WS SDK: NPE for empty LocationURI in @SchemaImport or @SchemaReference annotation

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Other Contributions


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