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STP/WeeklyMeetings/MinutesJan03 2008


Minutes from Meeting Jan 3rd 2008

Meeting opened with Adrian agreeing to do the minutes.

Alex gave an update on the build system. It's almost complete now and he is waiting on some updates from the Buckminster folks to allow the unit tests to be run. All components are now resolved and built using Buckminster. Adrian said he had come across some errors while trying to do the build but would try it out again today as he suspected there was some network problems. Adrian also asked that the buckminster build be rolled into an automated build framework such as cruisecontrol so we could iron out any problems with it. Alex agreed to follow up on this. Finally Adrian had some additional questions regarding the performance of the build and Alex said he would look into them. Oisin asked to make sure there was detailed instructions accompanying the build system so we could put the maintenance into community ownership. Adrian said there was some there, but it probably need to get some more content put into it.

Johnson gave an overview about his OSGi proposal Oisin explained there was already some code in IPZilla should investigate and that we should widen the audience somewhat as this was a very large proposal. Concentrating on the deployment side of things would, in his opinion, be the best start to make on it.

Oisin asked about the focus of the project and outlined that we realistically would only have about 3 months of development time before we would need to freeze the STP for the 1.0 release with Ganymede. Adrian suggested that we should over the next few days draft a project plan for STP that we could review at next weeks meeting. In this we will outline what features we should be developing, when we intend to finalize API's and extension points etc. Adrian agreed to get this started immediately. This will be circulated for review to the STP Development community late this week, early next week for discussion at the next weekly meeting. Oisin suggested we have two calls next week, one to suit the China based engineers, and one to suit our US developers. Adrian will follow up and organize this

Meeting closed.

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