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Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Renat, Jerry, Antoine, Adrian, Oisin, Stephane

EclipseCon 2009 Tutorial

Two tutorials submitted to EclipseCon are very similar in nature and it would be worthwhile to merge them, adding Swordfish as a deployment target, and extending the scope. Jerry to update the text description of the tutorial, wiki to be updated and communication channels to be informed. EclipseCon 2009 Program Committee to make relevant changes in the submission system

Build System Update

The SVN repo layout has changed, and there are bits of old repository that need to be cleaned up. Component/Project owners can do this, or Oisin can do it if you wish. Oisin to send email to list.

There are a number of requirements on build, we need to discuss these on the dev list. Oisin to send email.

We may need to package things using EPP, to produce a nice deliverable for our users. Antoine notes that BPMN modeller is already in the Amalgam packaged builds.

Oisin notes that the download pages are not so good and we need to have a plan on what to do with them. Oisin to kick off discussion on the list.

Update on the actual build - the paths etc in the build system need to be reworked to operate with the new SVN layout. Oisin will start on this 28Nov.

XEF XML Improvements

Andrei is constructing a proposal and will put it on the wiki for viewing and review. The work is to improve the extensibility and consumability of the XE framework. The rough plan is to do this work in a separate space, so as not to affect the current consumers of XEF and the policy editor. Andrei wonders if there's going to be a proposal for an STP incubator. Oisin takes action item to post a draft proposal for an STP incubator. This XEF improvement would be the first incubator member.


Some people in the Eclipse community unhappy about the high bar in the to-do list for Galileo. For some items, we simply don't have the resources to meet the exact wording. We are not the only project in this particular jam, Thomas Hallgren of Buckminster has been particularly vocal. Plan is for Oisin to publish the list of bugs to the mailing list, with a brief wording on how we might address them. Once discussion has finished, Oisin will post responses to the bugs. Antoine identifies himself as the STP Babel expert, and is happy to give guidance on how other components or projects can use Babel.


Renat has set up a new blog for STP at - this is a work in progress. It's a multi-author blog, authors must sign up for a wordpress account before they can start contributing.

Other Items

Integration - we need to discuss things like preferences, cheat-sheets for integrating different elements. Further discussion is necessary. It may become more evident what the requirements are as we develop the EclipseCon 2009 Tutorial.

Oisin asked everyone to take the time to look through their component/project bugs and make sure they are all fresh and tasty.

Oisin remarked that the web needed a refactor after the component retirements, and that it would be cool to have component/project templates that people could use. He'll mention this in a mailing list conversation.

Oisin also suggested we have some discussions on registry and repository too.

Renat reminded everyone that there is live walkthrough of the proposed policy editor updates on 10 December with the Eclipse UI best practices group.

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