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Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Vincent, Stéphane, Oisin, Renat, Andrei, Udayanga

Minutes: Renat

Policy as a separate project proposal

Oisin reported that there was no negative comments on the proposal. Next steps will be PMC and EMO discussions that will follow project creation actions.

Next mailstone

Oisin reminded about next mailstone deadline at 06 May 2009, so every project shouldn't forget to tag sources that are ready for the build with 3.5M7 tag.

GSoC Policy enhancement proposal

Renat informed about GSoC proposal posted from Udayanga. Proposal could be seen here:

The voting deadline is 20th of April, a score given by mentors with the comment is a primary criteria for selecting the project for Google Summer of Code.

Renat will write more details about how to comment on the STP mail list.

Validation framework

Andrei asked about where to put new Validation framework, Oisin proposed to put it in the same subversion repository as Policy component. More details will be discussed on the mail list.

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