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Timetable for the EclipseCon 2009 tutorial

Designing a service orchestration using BPMN

Lead Adrian
Supporters  ?
Duration 15 minutes
  • give a brief overview of the editor (get some help from Antoine beforehand maybe?)
  • create a simple "ochestration" that gives some of the main elements of the use-case (e.g. trip reservation stuff)

Transformation to IM and IM Overview

Lead Adrian
Supporters  ?
Duration 20 minutes
  • starting from the BPMN diagram, generate the IM corresponding to it
  • using the generated file as an example, move through the IM structure, and present the IM
  • generate the SCA diagram from the IM, to prepare Vincent's presentation

Implement a service with SCA

Lead Vincent
Supporters <name>
Duration 45 minutes

  • Introduce SCA and its main concepts.
  • Create a simple SCA application demonstrating the main capabilities of SCA and the SCA tools.
    • Use the available creation wizards.
    • Use the SCA Composite designer and the other SCA editors to complete the composite.
    • Use WSDL and Java tools to complete the application.
  • Show the (progress of) runtime support.

Policy Editor

Lead Jerry
Supporters Renat
Duration 30 minutes

Shows how to

  • use the Policy Editor to edit WS-Policy files
  • extend the Policy Editor with custom policy assertions to be used in policies
  • use and adapt the validation mechanism within the policy editor
  • (embed the XEF editor part in own applications to display XML data (optional, depends on availability of feature in time))

Service development with Swordfish

Shows how to develop a service consumer and provider, deploy it into the Swordfish runtime and debug them
Lead Oliver
Supporters Jerry, Renat
Duration 45 minutes

Extending Swordfish

Provides an overview of the extension points Swordfish offers, walks through sample implementations of a couple of extensions (message interceptor, service resolver)
Lead Oliver
Supporters Jerry, Renat
Duration 60 minutes

Service orchestration with BPEL (optional)

BPEL editor, orchestrate Swordfish services, deploy into Apache ODE?
Lead <name>
Supporters <name>
Duration <xx> minutes

Section title

<short description of section content, with sub-sections if applicable>
Lead <name>
Supporters <name>
Duration <xx> minutes

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