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STP/EID Component/Ganymede Planning

Ganymede Planning

The Ganymede release is go to public access on June 25 2008. The SOA Tools Platform is slated for a final release the previous week, on *June 18th 2008*. There is a little bit of a cushion to make sure that we can catch any little weird pieces that might have slipped through the net. Coming up to the final release, there are a series of milestones. This is the milestone-planning page for EID.

M6 - 9 April 08

  • Refactor of contribution architecture for ESBs - see b221489
  • First cut of Apache Camel Integration - see b220380
  • General code health and testing stuff
  • Develop documentation and tutorial - see b221499
  • Provide model status feedback to user - see b221497

M7 - 7 May 08

  • Apache Camel integration, with examples
  • New integration pattern editor, with examples - this is a way for humans to create new components without having to hand-code a load of XML.

RC1 - 21 May 08

RC2 - 28 May 08

RC3 - 4 June 08

RC4 - 11 June 08

  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation updates

Ganymede - 18 June 08

  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation updates

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