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SQL Dev Tools Europa Features

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The following are the areas of focus for the Europa release. NOTE: This information is preliminary.

Europa Requirements

These are derived from the Europa release requirements

  • Separate runtime and SDK feature sets
  • All plugins must specify required JVM version
Target for M6

API Promotion

Elevate provisional API to platform status.

Unit Test Coverage

Improve unit test coverage for public API.


Improve developer documentation.

Note: API changes must be completed by M6

Enhance User Tools

  • Add SQL scrapbook
Target for M6
  • Make SQL Editor can be embeded in FormEditor
Target for M6
  • Add toolbar for SQL Editor
Target for M7
  • Improve "Set Connection Info" behavior for SQL Editor
Target for M7
  • Improve the SQL Editor formatter
Target for M7

Exemplary Implementations

To make DTP easier to understand and leverage, from both the extender and user perspectives, SQL Dev Tools will contribute the following exemplary implementations:

  • Sybase ASA debugger exemplary implementation
Target for M6
  • Sybase ASA execution plan exemplary implementation
Target for M6
  • Derby SQL statments re-execution
Target for M7

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