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Regional Communities/US/Honolulu/meetings/20100209

Topic: IBM Support Assistant & IBM WAS v7 Update

IBM Support Assistant - Learn about IBM's latest tools to helps you find solutions to your software issues, and provides features and tools that can help your environment.

  • Discover existing solutions and answers for your software issues
  • Find product education and training materials
  • Automate data collection and analysis
  • Analysis and troubleshooting tools for IBM products
  • receive Guided problem analysis

WAS 7 Update - Learn about the newest features in WAS v7:

  • Simple, rapid development and deployment
  • Secure and scalable SOA run time
  • Extensible communication services
  • Effective application management

Free WAS 4 Developers - Find out how to get a Websphere Application Server free to test and development your applications. Our speaker is Clifford Lau of IBM.

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