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Refactoring Specification (Buckminster)

Right now, this specification only contains some ideas regarding Refactoring that Buckminster could support:

From direct dependencies to a configuration component

A given component's dependencies may evolve such that its dependencies become useful for other components, i.e. when creating component B, it has the same (or a large overlapping) set of dependencies with component A previously created. A user could just copy CSPEC from component A to component B and then edit A's specifics. A better approach may be to aid the user in creating a configuration component that both A and B can depend on.

This refactoring would aid the user with:

  • creating a configuration component (C)
  • copying and transforming the CSPEC in A to a CSPEC in C with all A specifics pruned
  • modifying A's CSPEC to prune all the dependencies now in C, and adding the dependency to C

This could be a implemented as a Wizard.

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