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RAP/1.4 Release Summary


Rich Ajax Platform 1.4.0/Indigo

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  • Framework
    • Key binding support for SWT and Workbench. Workbench key bindings are enabled by default.
    • Updated Eclipse UI APIs to Indigo. This includes SWT 3.7, JFace 3.7, and Workbench 3.7.
    • IApplication support. Besides the IEntrypoint, IApplication can now be used as entrypoint for applications.
    • Servlet 3.0 support. RAP can be used with the Servlet API version 2.3 to 3.x.
    • Mobile browser support (iOS and Android devices).
    • Optimized client library and improved JavaScript compression by using the Yahoo YUI compressor.
    • Support for alternative client libraries such as JQuery for custom widgets.
  • Widgets and Theming
    • New and enhanced Tree and Tooltip widget implementation.
    • Improved Browser Widget including BrowserFunctions support. This simplifies the creation of custom widgets.
    • Non-native scrollbars. The scrollbars can be fully themed now. This means that they can look all the same on different OS.
    • New modern default theme. The old theme is still available as "classic" theme in a separate bundle.
    • Shadows added. Many widgets can now get a drop shadow via CSS.
  • Tooling
    • Improved and enhanced RAP launcher. This includes URL preview, better validation and a customizable context path.
    • Launcher for RWT standalone applications added. This launcher makes it possible to launch RWT applications without OSGi and the Workbench.
    • Improved target installation. The tooling now downloads the latest target. The target is no longer included in the tooling.

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