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Open Source AADL Designer based on Obeo Designer

Obeo Designer is the product developed and packaged on top of the Eclipse platform and some Eclipse Modeling projects to enable the creation of Graphical Designers for standards languages like UML with UML Designer or SysML with SysML Designer, or for Domain Specific languages like for Fault Tree Analysis, or for even more domain specific languages related to a specific industry like Space.

The idea of this project is to develop an AADL graphical editor running in Obeo Designer and to demonstrate its extensibility by developing an editor for an extension to AADL.

This AADL editor will be released under EPL in the context of the Polarsys IWG with a packaging allowing a free usage of the Obeo Designer runtime with this editor.

The interest of this project for the community is:

  • to provide an extensible ADDL editor based on the "ViewPoint" technology embedded in Obeo Designer
  • to demonstrate how to create a domain specific extension

This project will help the student learn:

  • modeling technologies
  • EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework)
  • Domain Specific Languages and Graphical Domain Specific Languages
  • Code or documentation generation with Acceleo and/or Gendoc 2
  • OCL to check for good properties of and architecture

Mentor: Mélanie Bats (melanie.bats at

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