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  • Gaël Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Charles Rivet (Zeligsoft)
  • Simon Redding (Zeligsoft)
  • Etienne Juliot (Obeo)
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle (Airbus)
  • Stéphane Duprat (Atos)
  • Gert Johansson (Combitech)
  • Benoît Langlois (Thales)
  • Dominique Toupin (Ericsson)
  • Francis Bordeleau (Ericsson)
  • Sébastien Gérard (CEA)


  • Voters must send their votes to Wayne Beaton will take care of the vote and send us the results on the deadline.
  • Please make sure to not send more than one vote per company.
  • Election of PolarSys Participating member representative to Steering Committee
    • Application period from Monday, September 1st to Sunday, September 14th.
    • Voting period from Monday, September 15th to Tuesday, September 23rd. Cast your vote to
    • During this telco, the two candidates will explain their application (by alphabetical order):
      • Etienne Juliot (Obeo)
      • Charles Rivet (Zeligsoft)
    • Results announced on Wednesday, September 24th.
    • Details about the vote for the seat of Participating members representatives
      • As described in the PolarSys charter: At least one seat is allocated to participant members. An additional seat on the committee shall be allocated to the participant members for every additional five (5) seats beyond one (1) allocated to Steering Committee members. Participant member seats are allocated following the Eclipse "single transferable vote", as defined in the Eclipse Bylaws.
      • The voters are the representatives of the Participating members in good standing: Artal, Atos, Combitech, ESI Group, Obeo, Soyatec, Zeligsoft
  • Election of the PolarSys Chairman
    • Application period from Monday, September 22nd to Tuesday, September 30th.
    • Voting period from Wednesday, October 1st to Tuesday, October 7th.
    • A Steering Committee telco can be planned on Wednesday October 1st to present the different candidates.
    • Results announced on Wednesday, October 8th
    • Details about the vote for the PolarSys chairman
      • As described in the PolarSys charter: The Steering Committee elects among its members a chairman who will represent the IWG. They will serve from April 1 to March 31 of each calendar year, or until their respective successors are elected and qualified, or as otherwise provided for in this charter.
      • Voters are the members of the Steering Committee: Airbus, Airbus Defense and Space, CEA List, Ericsson, Thales and the representative of the Participating Members.


  • EclipseCon Europe. Register here
    • PolarSys Steering committee on Monday October 27th (from 10:00 to 15:30)
    • Unconference on Monday October 27th. Plan to be there
      • Papyrus workshop in the morning: Getting started with using Papyrus and Getting started with designing Papyrus
      • Workshop about Reqirements Engineering (ReqCycle, ...) at 14:00
      • PolarSys maturity assessment Workshop at 16:00
      • OSLC session (TBC) in parallel.
    • Papyrus and Modeling Technologies Developer Summit on Tuesday October 28 from 9:30 to 18:00
    • Modeling Symposium on Tuesday October 28 from 17:30 to 18:30. Possbility to submit a short presentation.
    • Several talks for and by PolarSys members on Wednesday and Thursday. See the schedule
  • PolarSys event with Incose Italy in Roma on November 26th.
    • Still some speaking opportunities to present PolarSys projects.
  • Incose Workshop (Torrance CA near Los Angeles - January 24-27 2015 - Starts on Saturday) - optional
    • 200 attendees to the MBSE workshop
    • Gaël Blondelle to go to this workshop in order to establish more links.
  • Embedded World Conference (Nuremberg Messe - February 24-26 2015)
    • CFP deadline: September 2nd
    • CFP Submission page. Several submissions about CDT, Trace Compass, Titan, Papyrus, Maturity assessment
    • PolarSys booth (9sqm) where all PolarSys products will be advertised and all PolarSys members will be welcome
  • EclipseCon NA (Hyatt San Francisco Airport - Burlingame - March 9-12 2015)
    • CDT Summit
    • PolarSys Day
    • CFP deadline: mid November 2014
  • EclipseCon France (Centre de conférence pierre Baudis - Toulouse - June 24-25 2015)
    • Working Group Unconference on June 23
    • CFP deadline: Beginning of April 2015
  • Incose Symposium (25th Incose Anniversary - Seattle - July 13-16 2015)

PolarSys maturity assessement

  • Contract started with Bitergia.
  • Will stup a first level of maturity assessment on a subset of PolarSys projects:
    • Papyrus
    • CDT
    • EASE
    • Kitalpha
    • Sirius
    • Gendoc
  • See Maturity_Assessment_WG
  • Added description of the rules checked on MaturityAssessmentRules
  • Possible to see the quality model online. Does not work with all the browsers, but you may find a browsers that work.

PolarSys marketing

  • Datasheets
    • First datasheet created for Titan (new project about TTCN testing)
    • Next one to be created for CDT and Kitalpha
    • Datasheet template will be provided soon on the PolarSys private wiki
    • Create a PolarSys and Service Providers datasheet.
  • Who would be interested by:
    • Writing articles in the PolarSys newsletter?
    • Presenting their tools or success stories during PolarSys webinars?

PolarSys infrastructure

  • Private mailing list for Polarsys members created
  • Private Wiki still to be created
    • will be the place where we share marketing collaterals like
      • UptoDate PolarSys presentation
      • Ready to print PolarSys datasheets
  • Some evolutions to be planned on the website
    • To show better the flow of events and technical news (like projects proposals, ...)
    • To show an extended list of PolarSys projects (includind project hosted on the Eclipse forge)
    • To add new

PolarSys packages

  • Decision of Steering Committee to create several PolarSys packages instead of just one PolarSys IDE package.
  • Ideas of packages include (Still under discussion at the Steering Committee. some of the following packages can either split or be merged):
    • One on a base similar to Topcased including Papyrus, Gendoc and other components(Airbus to suggest a content soon)
    • One based on Papyrus, including CDT and tools like TraceCompass for tracing and monitoring
    • One based on Titan,
    • One based on Sirius including KitAlpha and soon Capella.

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