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  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Lei Pi (Intecs)
  • Oscar Slotosch (Validas)
  • Boris Baldassari (Squoring)
  • Xavier Plavis (Astrium)
  • Benoît Langlois (Thales)
  • Raphaël Faudou (Astos)
  • Jed Anderson (Genuitec)
  • Gert Johansson (Combitech)
  • Benoit Langlois (Thales)
  • Francis Bordeleau (Ericsson)

News about PolarSys

  • Eclipse and PolarSys user accounts have been merged. If you cannot log in, reset your password with the automated process.


  • Combitech joined Polarsys as Participant member
  • EADS Astrium will shortly becomes a new steering committee member
  • University of Valencia completed the paperwork and sent it to Eclipse
  • University of Padova: to work on the paperwork soon
  • Need to handle the process with the Two Canadian Universities

New Projects

in PolarSys:

Strongly connected to PolarSys:

Upcoming events

  • EclipseCon France 2013
    • Don't forget to register:
    • Thales, Sierra Wireless and AIRBUS are joining their booths to promote Industry Working Groups.
      • Demo from Airbus
      • Slideshow describing IWG (TBC)
      • Posters describing IWGs in general and each IWG (TBC)
      • Representative of each IWG to answer questions.
      • Boris Baldassari has proposed to participate.

Working Groups

Maturity assessment

  • Boris Baldassari (PhD at Squoring) has initiated a wiki page about the definition of quality in the context of Open Source, Eclipse and PolarSys. Please review and comment it: Maturity Definition
  • Boris will present his work at EclipseCon France 2013:
  • Oscar S. would like to add safety related aspects to the quality model. Oscar S. will add ideas about that on the Wiki, and Pierre Gaufillet will set up a telcon.
==> [BBA] Check Talk:MaturityDefinition

Proposals and Projects migration

  • Licensing issues to solve for CHESS proposal. The proposal should be ready before Jun 4th nevertheless.
  • Project to come from ATOS: OCL to ACSL (generation of formal properties for C code from OCL constraints)
  • TOPCASED migration:
    • ATOS will migrate gendoc2.
    • AIRBUS will migrate Topcased facilities, Topcased scripting, the OCL tools and Topcased REQ.
    • Astrium will migrate UML2EC.
    • Target: code migration during this summer, including port to Eclipse 4.
    • The migration will occur component by component. The development will be interrupted during this period.
    • Topcased will still be built on its historical forge until PolarSys can build the complete list of components. But it will rely incrementally on repositories built by PolarSys / Eclipse.
  • 3P builds are currently been set up.

Project Planning Committee

  • Telcon meeting of the PPC Working Group before PolarSys face 2 face meeting in Toulouse. Register at
  • How to define the PPC process? Some work already done in the ITEA OPEES context can be reused and improved.

Next PolarSys Telcon

  • Jun 20th, 16:00-18:00 CEST
  • Connection information
    • Participant conference extension: 435, then enter pin 8314
    • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 8314.
    • Ottawa (local call in Ottawa) 1-613-454-1403
    • North America (toll free) 1-877-369-7806
    • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) +49-692-2224-6059
    • France (local call anywhere in France) +33-17-070-8535
    • UK (toll free) 0800-033-7806
    • Switzerland (local call anywhere in Switzerland) +41-44-580-2115

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