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  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Lei Pi (Intecs)
  • Silvia Mazzini (Intecs)
  • Oscar Slotosch (Validas)
  • Boris Baldassari (Squoring)
  • Alain Rossignol (Astrium)
  • Xavier Plavis (Astrium)
  • Patrick Moreau (Inria)
  • Benoît Langlois (Thales)
  • Raphaël Faudou (Astos)

Discussion on the working groups.

  • Why not technical working groups like Big Models, ...
    • Will definitely not duplicate the work done in the Auto IWG, but rather join the IWG Working group on this topic.


Major deadline of 3P is to have Polarsys IDE 1.0 ready for October 2013 All IWG should align with this deadline.

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