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  • Sylvia Mazzini (INTECS)
  • Tristan Faure (ATOS)
  • Rémi Schnekenburger (CEA)
  • Ian Skerett (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Patrice Moreau (INRIA)
  • Dominique Toupin (Ericsson)
  • Pierre Gaufillet (Airbus)
  • Gaël Blondelle (Obeo)
  • Benoit Langlois (Thales)
  • Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)


  • 3 steering committee members: Airbus, Ericsson, Thales
  • 4 participant members: Soyatec, ATOS, INTECS, Obeo


  • Gaël proposes to slowly synchronize all PolarSys packages on Eclipse release trains.
  • Ian proposes to use a specific market place to publish the components of PolarSys (but see below...).
  • Java 8 is bringing a new scripting engine, that may be the base for the Topcased scripting engine. Use Groovy? Revive EclipseMonkey? What about Python editor? No known will to contribute Pydev as EF project.
  • Tristan wants to discuss the chance of contributing TOPCASED Requirement to RMF during ECE2012.

Communication & Marketing

  • Ian announced that EC2013 will include a side conference on open source business.
  • We need to prepare press releases for industrial magazines like usine nouvelle, etc. to announce new memberships and releases: Usine Nouvelle, but also Air & Cosmos, and other typical magazines in other countries and industrial fields.
    • Each partner is responsible for such publications. Consider also internal magazines like EADS Forum, etc. => Provides a template for this kind of thing.
    • Each partner should also participate to the blog.
      • Blog: we need in-turn system to post blogs (each 2 weeks?).
  • Patrice Moreau asks for informations about the proposal process. Provides links to the Eclipse proposal process howto. He also raised questions about the constraints that will have to be faced by the researchers.
  • Gaël will send a request to Ian wrt organizing the next face2face meeting on monday during EC2013.
  • We need to clean up Polarsys wiki
  • We need to plan the setup of the real Polarsys infrastructure (including private areas).
  • Branding material of Polarsys: Obeo will provide icons, splash screens, slide templates, etc.
  • Provide Gaël with the invitation sent to CMU/SEI. Ian is also in contact with CMU, but not with the SEI.
  • Discussions about VLTS: plan to start these activities in 2013 (to be discussed with the EMO). Virtualization, freeze/archive projects and build systems, survival process implying yearly building test and if required modifications, standard data format,etc.
  • INRIA would be really interested in participating to R&D presentation tracks to communicate with other Polarsys members. Ideas: organize Polarsys brainstorming days, organize a Polarsys or IWG track in Eclipse conferences. Organize this at EC US/EU/FR?
  • Innovation game

1. Publishing a PolarSys IDE 1.0 complying with all its goals 2. Better Communication & Marketing 3. Having a roadmap

  • Ian proposes to write our own component catalog, not reusing the market place due to the kind of information and process we want to implement.

We need to write a document specifying the component catalog, in several steps (identification, readiness level, teams, services, assessment, ecosystem, packages, etc.).

  • Sylvia asks to organize periodic meetings / presentations about the work in progress in Polarsys.
    • Proposal: once a month or quarter, one technical subject (eg git for modeling), one R&D subject (eg coccinel), one process subject (eg new project proposal), a status (wg by wg within Polarsys: new and noteworthy, events).
  • Set up a read-only calendar (ics) somewhere, integrated in the web site + meeting requests from Google Calendar.
  • Readiness level: prototype, deployment ready, general purpose, industrial strength (4 levels ?).
  • Polarsys Working Groups:
    • release engineering and contribution (AC, Benoit+Pierre,),
    • branding/labeling (QLC, Pierre)
    • website and other media (blog, twitter, facebook, Gaël),
    • promotion and new members (Gaël)
    • roadmap (Dominique). 1 wiki page + mail to the user mailing list.

Join meeting with Automotive IWG AutoIWG status BMW, Bosch, Conti, Itemis, Validas, Virtual Vehicule (Research center), Eclipsesource, Timing Architects (formal methods and optimization tools) Safety tools WG: decrease to low priority Build Framework WG: new WG aiming to provide a homogeneous build system (AUTOSAR is also active in this subject).

Presentation about big models support (Itemis+Bosch) 900 metaclasses 2800 attributes 800MB heap/project Itemis: experimentation on CDO (Teneo rejected because relational DB do not scale well for graph models) model with CDO: +50% memory ! Until the model is partially unloaded at least… Performances / 6 to 15 depending on the operations (validation during tests). Obeo: optimization of EMF Compare 2.0 wrt model size. Tested against large model (154000 elements, 50MB XMI), ATOS: problem about inconsistencies in EMF indexes. There is one for XText, one for EMF Query, etc. Revive EMF Index? Validas+Virtual Vehicule: Qualification Plugin Project, based on DO330. Look for fundings to go further. Publicly funded R&T project? Participate as Airbus? EADS IW? A DGAC (or european equivalent) project? TCQK=Tool Classification and Qualification Kit.

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