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PluginFest 2007/WR Perforce

  • Testers
    • Perforce: Laurette Cisneros, Pascal Soccard, Robin Gardner
    • WR: Martin Oberhuber, Doug Gaff
  • Products tested
    • WB 2.6, Perforce 2006.2
  • Overall Result
    • Worked, with a few issues
  • Tests
    • Installed perforce server and client & WB 2.6
    • Added files from a project to the Depot
    • Tested check-in, check-out, diff.
    • Rename project
    • Rename file
  • Problems
    • Compare editor - save button doesn't check out automatically
    • Setting up the default workspace in perforce to see your Eclipse workspace is an important step that users need to get right
    • Line endings: perforce defaults to local, but Eclipse defaults to keep line endings as-is in the file. When you do a version diff, you might see every line changed. Tried changing perforce to "share", but this put the version in the Depot in Unix line style.
    • When you rename the project, the version control associations are lost
    • In Perforce Perspective, the Window - Show View menu doesn't show the shortcuts to the perforce views (they are listed in Other).
    • Submitted Changelist view - Depot view provides context selection, but editor does not.
    • Submit at the project level is broken. (Has been fixed in recent release.)
    • Feature request: CVS has a drop down to show previous comments on check-in. Would be nice for Perforce, too.
    • Had some problems creating branches.
  • Screenshot

WRWB Perforce.gif

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