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PluginFest 2007/WR Klockwork

  • Testers
    • WR: Martin Oberhuber, Doug Gaff
    • Klocwork: David Goldman, Sergey Bushkov
  • Products tested
    • WB 2.6
    • Klocwork 7.5
  • Overall Result
    • Everything worked
  • Tests
    • Installed Klocwork into WB
    • Ran Klocwork against a couple of source files. Klocwork found a bug in one of the files. Fixed and reran to verify success. Added include paths to pick up header files that Klocwork couldn't find.
    • Ran kwinject at command line to get the includes and defines. Tested running kwinject with Workbench managed build and flexible build.
  • Problems
    • Enhancement: Klocwork needs a way to get additional build settings (includes, defines) programmatically from projects in order to pass this information to the parsing engine. Klocwork needs a common API, though, preferably based on CDT. Wind River will need to support this API.
    • Enhancement: ability to change include path order in project's Klocwork properties.
    • Enhancement: Would be nice to allow navigation from the Klocwork Log Console. In the WB example, the parser didn't like a line in one of the header files where we were using a non-standard compiler extension, but we couldn't navigate to it from the Klocwork Log Console.
  • Screenshot

Wrwb klocwork2.gif

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