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Pave links several independent data model providers and operations in one pattern.

Patterns are declared in plugin descriptor.

Patterns are context sensitive.

Applicability of patterns are defined through org.eclipse.expressions enablement statement

Data model providers are declared in pattern definition in plugin descriptor.

Extensibility of pattern – one pattern can be extended by another, this will include all operations and UI of the extended pattern.

Data Model Synchronizers – easy way of data mapping between different Data Models (so the operations can remain pave framework independent)

Additional generic validation aside of Data Model Framework validation.

Validation Override of Data Model Framework validation.

Update tag – Pattern can be marked as update pattern of already applied pattern.

Pre and Post operations can be defined in separate extension point and plugged in a specific pattern before or after operation is executed.

Pave wizard is developed to be default entry point for the framework.

UI Patterns can contribute wizard paged to the Pave Wizard

Headless execution of pattern.

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