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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/NewFeature/Papyrus for Requirements


Papyrus for requirements supports model-based specification of requirements

Installation requirements

(Optional step) You have to install an EMF-based implementation of ReqIf 1.0.1. to use the feature ReqIf import/export. Install the RMF Core ReqIF feature from:

Update Site

The nightly is the build of the last development version. Some of the features available in that version may not be stable yet.

Please select and install (respecting the order):

- Papyrus UML: Papyrus > Papyrus UML

- SysML: Papyrus > Papyrus SysML 1.1 > select all the options.

- Papyrus for Requirements: Papyrus > Papyrus (Extra Others) > Papyrus Requirements Feature (Incubation)

When you install Papyrus for Requirements, the extra features BMM (Bussiness modeling) and Metrics (Models measurement) will be installed automatically.

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