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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/NewFeature/Papyrus 'References' View


The 'References' view is intended to display the list of the elements that refer to a selected item.


A bug refers this feature:

  • bug 489141 - It should be possible to know all references of an element

Display the references

There are two ways to search the references of an item.

Context Menu

From a right-click on the desired item, it is possible to select the "Show References View" option, this feature opens the view "References" and lists the elements that refer to the selected item.

The context menu "Show References View"

If the view is already open, it is updated with the references found without taking the focus.

Toggle button 'Link with Editor'

The other way to display all references of an item, is to use the button "Link with Editor" in the 'References' view. This action displays the references of the active selection. It’s only available on the diagram selection.

The "References View"

Go to reference

To access to the element referencing the searched item, you must either double click on the element or right click and select the 'Go To' feature.

The context menu "Go To"

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