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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/Improvements/Tree Customization

Tree Customization

In the context of Bug 485539, the customization of Trees (Model Explorer, Properties view, ...) has been changed. Especially, the "isVisible" custom property doesn't apply to Attributes and References anymore: it is now only used to show/hide specific elements.

To customize the Attributes/References displayed in Trees, you now need to extend the "visibleReferences" and "visibleAttributes" properties, which both return a List of features (Respectively List<EReference> and List<EAttribute>). Additionally, the "isVisible" query won't receive any parameter (It used to take one EStructuralFeature parameter)

Examples of such modification are available:

  • In org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.modelexplorer, resource/SimpleUML.custom uses a DisplayOnlyContainmentReferences query implemented in the java class org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.modelexplorer.queries.GetVisibleUMLReferencesQuery
  • In, UICustom/PropertiesContext.custom uses a more complex visibleReferences query implemented in the java class

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