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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/Improvements/Notation Unification

Notation Unification


The definitions of the various notations available in Papyrus are local to a specific diagram. This hampers reuse, increases maintenance and can be the source of conflicts.


The objective of this task is to extract of existing representations from gmfgens and to move them to a library of « graphical elementtypes » (i.e. elementtypes whose semantic hint is recognized and provided appropriately by viewproviders of existing diagrams). This will imply the update of existing diagram palettes (most probably regenerate them as model-based palette definitions), generation/production of reconciler (to support/migrate previous notations). Semantics Hints will be unified among diagrams to avoid conflicts and migrated to "meaningful" string-based identifier (instead of integers).


Index Description
REQ_001 Semantics Hints must be shared among diagrams
REQ_002 Semantic hints must be "meaningful" string-based identifier (instead of integers).
REQ_003 Appropriate mapping models must be produced from the migration to store "old semantic hints"-"new semantic hints" data for any migration task
REQ_004 Model reconciler must be able to use the mapping model to migrate Papyrus notation file.
REQ_005 Appropriate migration facilities for Papyrus developers must be provided to assist migration. This includes a model-based definition of the mapping from old to new visualIDs/Semantic hints.


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