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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/Improvements/ElementTypeConfiguration Framework v2

ElementTypeConfiguration Framework v2


The objective of this improvement is to simplify the overall use of elementtypeconfiguration while improving the features and fixing some design flaws


Index Description
REQ_001 Elementtypesconfigurations must be contextualizable to avoid conflicts between configurations i.e. not all registered in the same context as it is today (Implies that we have a good reuse mechanism to not redefine the various configuration for each context)
REQ_002 Elementtypesconfigurations models must validate (even when configurations are extensions of the core elementtypeconfiguration framework).
REQ_003 The execution order of execution of advices must be specifiable
REQ_004 The execution of an advice may be overrideable
REQ_005 The developer elementyperegistry view must be improved to better render the registered configuration details
REQ_006 CreateElementRequest must be handled by the elementtype of the created metaclass and not the elementtype of the metaclass of the host that receives the request
REQ_007 The elementtypeconfiguration framework must handle and be reactive to UML specific requests (stereotype application, stereotype unapplication, profile application and profile unapplication)


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