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Papyrus/Neon Work Description/Discussions/New Architecture


  • A lot of work has been done to migrate to tycho solution in order to manage the life cycle of papyrus development.
  • Nevertheless this integration could be enhance by taking more of the precept of "convention over configuration". Several developers notice some difficulties to work on the Papyrus project due to its complexity and repository size.
  • Several propositions have been made during Mars phase by the team. We came up with a more integrated solution that could be declined in at least 3 main actions:
    • level 1: simple plugins grouping: introduction of intermediate pom for set of plugins that share a semantic behavior
    • level 2: intermediate grouping: gather set of level 1 plugins with their test plugins to have a full functional independant life cycle
    • level 3: extreme grouping: gather set of level 2 plugins in their own git repository to release them together

Proposal : introduce intermediate pom/plugin

Proposal : gather set of plugins and their tests plugins together

Proposal : introduce dedicated git repositories

Associated bugs

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