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Papyrus-RT/Developer/Developer Guide/Git Repository


Git Repository Layout


This page describes the layout of the git repository for the Papyrus-RT project

Repository Layout


  • documentation/
    • wikitext/ - location of the source for the generated documentation plugins, embedded in the tool or generated as pdf or as html pages
  • plugins/
    • core/ (contains profile, UML specific implementation & semantic element types for edition). This set of plugins should be usable by headless applications (no UI)
    • tooling/ (contains graphical customizations, as Property views, Model explorer customization, diagrams).
    • codegen/ (contains the different code generators)
    • runtime/ (contains the different runtimes)
    • examples/ (contains the sample models used to demo Papyrus-RT, accessible as examples in Papyrus-RT)
  • features/ (contains all features, which are used for deployment)
  • releng/ (contains mainly the release engineering artifacts, as maven pom)
  • tests/
    • junit/
      • core/ (contains the tests for the core part: tests on UML specific API, profile implementation, validation rules validation)
      • tooling/ (contains the tests for the tooling part)
      • codegen/ (contains the tests for the code generators)
      • runtime/ (contains the tests for the various runtimes)
    • rcptt/ (contains functional tests written using rcptt)

Cloning the git repository


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