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PTP/photran/marker based refactoring tests

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We recently added "marker-based test suites" to Photran, which make it extremely easy to test a new refactoring or to add new tests for an existing refactoring.  The following test suites are written in the old style and should be converted to be marker-based:

  • AddOnlyToUseTestSuite.java
  • CommonVarNamesTestSuite.java
  • EncapsulateVariableTestSuite.java
  • InterchangeLoopsTestSuite.java
  • IntroImplicitTestSuite.java
  • KeywordCaseTestSuite.java
  • MakePrivateEntityPublicTestSuite.java
  • MinOnlyListTestSuite.java
  • MoveSavedToCommonBlockTestSuite.java

The test suites for Rename and Extract Procedure will not be converted.