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PTP/photran/code templates

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Code templates allow the user to begin typing a construct and then use content assist to "fill in" the rest of the construct.  This will be particularly useful for Photran, since Fortran is a verbose language: every "if" is accompanied by "then" and "end if," every "module" by "end module," etc.

Bug 315666 has been opened for this contribution.


Kurt Hendle provided the following:

The following 6 links should be a really good foundation on how to enable everything and actually make templates to go along with the Photran editors.

how to actually make it possible to add templates:

making effective templates(same website as above):

how to make a template:

IBM tutorial on using templates (requires creating an account):

Eclipse reference on adding templates to a custom editor:

Good example on enabling templates in a custom editor:!30EBEBD8BCD440DC!490.entry

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